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Everything DiSC Authorized Partner

TDK Consulting's Services

For over 20 years, Dr. Kalous has been providing psychologically-based training to organizations and leadership academies across the country. His depth of knowledge and experience combined with his down-to-earth interpersonal style have made him a highly sought after and nationally-recognized presenter. His popular training topics include: 

  • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership
  • Agile EQ: Developing Emotional Intelligence
  • The Work of Leadership
  • Applied Improvisation in Leadership
  • Creating Highly Productive Teams
  • Resolving Conflict for Good
  • Everything DiSC Workplace nd Your Team

He can also tailor his training, coaching, and consultation services to meet your organization's needs.  


Why TDK Consulting?

Everything DiSC Authorized Partner

TDK Consulting's Services

Dr. Kalous educates and inspires others so they can leverage healthy and productive relationships in pursuit of what matters to them.  Here's what clients and colleagues have to say about him:

"As a fellow faculty member of the National Conservation Leadership Institute, I have had the pleasure of watching Tom work with over a dozen different groups.  He is an excellent adult educator and workshop facilitator with a unique ability to engage participants with his humor, his candor, and his knowledge of the human condition.  He continually receives the highest evaluations from participants in his workshops and his presentations leave a positive and long-lasting impact."

-Hugh O'Doherty, Faculty, Harvard's Kennedy School of Government

"Most folks have a favorite teacher or two. We remember a kind act, words of support, or advice. Dr. Tom Kalous is one of those memorable teachers. He made me laugh. He made me cry. When I find myself in conflict with others his advice rings in my ears. Dr. Tom spoke to me and my colleagues about the human brain and emotional intelligence. Although it was seven years ago I remember his advice, share it with others, and apply it (less than I should!). If you haven't heard him speak, make it happen. Bring him into your workplace. No matter your occupation what Dr. Tom has to share will help you and your colleagues be more effective."

-Jimmy Fox, Leadership Coach

  “Working with Dr. Kalous was an exceptional experience. Our staff was fascinated by the neuroscience and psychological research that he used to build our skills and training in emotional intelligence. The DiSC personality test and profiling was a special part of the training in which we learned about ourselves individually, and with Dr. Kalous’ expertise and assistance, how our different profiles can lead to better teamwork and performance as an organization. We are using this emotional intelligence training daily in our work together. Lastly, it was noted by our federal staff who are required to take multiple trainings over the course of their career that this was ranked in their top experiences for leadership development. Thanks Dr. Kalous for making a difference with the Intermountain West Joint Venture!”


-Ali Duvall, Hannah Nikonow & Staff of the IWJV

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Everything DiSC Authorized Partner

Everything DiSC Authorized Partner

Everything DiSC Authorized Partner

In addition to providing high-impact trainings that produce deep learning opportunities for your organization, Dr. Kalous is an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner and Certified Trainer.  Dr. Kalous has chosen to work with Everything DiSC because of the proven power of the DiSC assessments and reports.  He prefers the Everything DiSC because the results are not only meaningful for individuals, organizations, and leadership development, but they are easy to understand and remember. 

As an Everything DiSC Authorized partner, Dr. Kalous can give you and your organization direct, online access to all of the Everything DiSC Assessments and tools. He can also train your trainers and guide them through the process of conducting powerful learning experiences for your organization that will help your teams be more productive and more effective. He can also provide individual coaching to any member of your staff from high-level executives to front-line employees. 

Ask him about how incorporating Everything DiSC Assessments and Tools can add powerful hands-on learning experiences to any of his or your workshops, seminars, or presentations.  

You can now purchase Everything DiSC Profiles on this site.  Simply scroll down to the store and make your purchase.  For more infomration please visit:


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